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I am Tammie Nolte, a Texan who has lived in the Netherlands for 16 years. In 2010, I started my own business. I am a corporate news writer, web content writer and editor, English and business communication teacher, and educational consultant. I am also a social media learner.

Are Americans ready for new working methods?

Tweet As an American, I am having a tough time figuring out the ‘new way of working’ and why it is working in the Netherlands. I am not sure how normal the Netherlands new work environment and new work situation … Lees verder

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Are you a brilliant, crazy, cocky entrepreneur?

Tweet What does it take these days to be an entrepreneur? Are you a glamorous, green team do-gooder? Are you a sneaky, idea-stealing pirate? Or a confident, daredevil cliff diver? “You can be a good entrepreneur without being a good … Lees verder

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Why so many open bar spaces at Provada?

Tweet Tighten your power pink tie, shine your shoes. Time for Provada, Holland’s biggest and swankiest real estate conference. Not for renting a cheap summer apartment with a canal view. Not for buying your EUR 240,000 dream farm house in … Lees verder

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